is a framework for a citizen-led approach to the collaborative
managing and governance of health data

Citizens' health data

How can citizens’ take control over their health data? How can medical research be accelerated by removing barriers to data access? Can citizens take a more active role in medical research? We have developed a new vision that reshapes the health data sharing ecosystem around citizens’ rights to control their own records.

Why is it useful?

The aim of this model is to legitimize data ownership for citizens and enable them to exercise control over the fate of their records while facilitating data sharing to accelerate research and innovation in healthcare. It draws from research and analysis that combines insights from key agents in the healthcare sector, and the state of the art of the health data ecosystem.The Salus model builds on three key aspects:

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Governance & Relational framework

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Technological framework

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Legal framework

Presentation of the model at Mobile World Capital BCN is done in collaboration with

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